KD’s are the Best Motorcycle Sunglasses

Bikers tell us KD’s are the best motorcycle sunglasses. That is quite a claim that our customers make! They give us many reasons why. First of all, generations of customers tell us so. Long before Jax Teller and other Sons of Anarchy club members wore The Original KD’s® on the gritty motorcycle drama, real bikers everywhere were wearing KD’s® as their choice for riding sunglasses. Because of this, the Original KD’s are the #1 Selling Biker Sunglass in the World. This little black framed sunglass has been extremely popular with bikers for over 60 years. Why? Because they stay on your head, they keep the wind out of your eyes by fitting securely on the temples and nosebridge and the arms are skinny so they fit comfortably under a helmet. And perhaps most important, KD sunglasses look wicked cool. http://originalkds.com/original-kd-sunglasses/

Where will your next motorcycle ride take you? The image above was taken in Morro Bay, California with the famous Morro Rock in the background. Yep, solid as the rock. Just as motorcycle leathers protect the skin, motorcycle eyewear protects the eyes from sun, wind and debris. You will find the Original KD’s and our extensive line of wrap style sunglasses, padded sunglasses, polarized sunglasses, Chix Riding Glasses for women, Kickstart goggles and Airfoil Fit Over goggles in our webstore as well as the motorcycle apparel section of many Harley-Davidson dealerships, motorcycle shops, and motor sports stores.