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Biker Sunglasses Made Famous by Bikers. But EVERYONE loves the Original KD’s.


WELCOME to the Home of the Original KD’s. For over 35 years, bikers and beyond have chosen KD sunglasses to protect their eyes from the sun, wind and debris. They are designed to fit comfortably under a helmet. The arms are skinny and the sit close to the face to the wind stays out. But KD biker shades are much more than just eye protection. They are a permanent part of biker culture, often in a personal way. People have sent us images of their entire wedding party wearing KD’s; images of three generations of father, son and grandson wearing KD’s; and many of couples riding to motorcycle rallies in their KD’s. Original KD’s join together the past, present and future. KD’s represent a constant in a rapidly changing world. In addition to this, they are one tough, affordable biker sunglass.

Bikers all over the world wear The Original KD’s because they are affordable, protective and undeniably COOL.

ORIGINAL KD’s AND XKD’s (20% Bigger) are the motorcycle sunglasses bikers ask for because:  

Their skinny arms are very comfortable under a helmet
Durable frames include matte and shiny options
Famous and cool long before Sons of Anarchy and Jax Teller
Over 30 different lens options
Polarized KD’s and Polarized XKD’s
Photochromic KD’s and XKD’s