Original KD’s Sunglass Blog

Attention bikers, motorcyclists and sunglass fans from far and wide: The Original KD’s Sunglass Blog is here! Because the motorcycle world is diverse, so are the eyewear needs of people who ride motorcycles. KD’s sunglasses have been the leader among the v-twin motorcycle world for decades. Because of this, we know people have questions about KD’s, padded wraps, motorcycle goggles, lens choices and more. (to see all motorcycle sunglasses, follow this link: pacificcoastsunglasses.com; to return to the home page, follow this: originalkds.com) Therefore, we developed an Original KD’s sunglass blog. It addresses a wide variety of topics related to motorcycle sunglasses and goggles. For example, you will find information about lens choices, which sunglasses fit best under a helmet, and photochromic lenses just to name a few. In conclusion, we invite you to read and comment!

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