Bikers tell us that the Original KD’s (or XKD’s) are their favorite motorcycle sunglass. We have had families tell us that their loved ones were buried in their KD’s.  People send photos of weddings with the entire wedding party,  including the bride and groom, wearing the Original KD’s.  We truly feel honored.  It is very rare that a motorcycle accessory is so a part of people’s lives that it is with them for their most joyous occasions, their everyday life experiences and even accompany them into the hereafter.  If Egyptian kings and queens can be buried with priceless gold treasures, why shouldn’t bikers be sent off wearing their KD’s? For some of us, our connection with KD’s is more practical. KD’s simply afford us terrific eye protection at an affordable price and help us to look undeniably cool.

Die-hard KD fans are all in forever. The passion for the Original KD’s is real. For some, it may be as simple as never leaving the house without them. In fact, that is exactly what many KD fans have told us.  Others tell us that grandfather, father and son all wear KD’s and it’s a family affair. The KD story continues to evolve and KD fans continue to grow. We welcome the personal aspect of it. Keep it growing. In the meantime, be safe, be seen and enjoy the ride.