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Are you a motorcycle enthusiast?  The Original KD's are the number one selling biker sunglass in the world.  We appreciate what bikers have done for us and so we have creates a motorcycle resource section to answer some of the most frequently asked questions and to discuss the most common issues surrounding the choice of the best motorcycle sunglasses for you.



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Mirror Lens Sunglasses: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Mirror Lens Sunglasses
Polarized Sunglasses: To Polarize or Not to Polarize? A Motorcyclist's Eyewear Decision
Padded Sunglasses: Padded or Not?
Sunglasses for Autumn: Good-bye Summer, Hello Fall!
 Photochromic Motorcycle Sunglasses: The Best Photochromic Sunglasses for You | Photochromic Lenses Explained


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